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Swimwear Care InstructionsUpdated 7 months ago

To ensure the long-lasting quality of your Bydee pieces, we recommend following the below care instructions.

  1. Hand wash in fresh cold water with a gentle cleanser as soon as possible after wearing.
  2. Hang your pieces or lay them flat on a clean surface in the shade immediately after rinsing. Remember to make sure your swimwear is out of direct sunlight and away from any rough surfaces.
  3. Wait until your swimwear pieces are completely dry before you store them away.

We encourage you to avoid machine washing your swimwear pieces with detergents and bleach as these are too strong for swimwear fabrics. Hand washing will ensure your Bydee Swim pieces retain their colour & shape. If you choose to use detergent to hand wash your Bydee swimwear pieces, we suggest using a mild fragrance-free or a mild detergent specifically designed for swimwear fabrics. Please note that exposure to sun cream, tanning lotion, and high levels of chlorine and magnesium can damage and/or discolour your swimwear pieces. Please also be cautious of rough surfaces, which can cause pulling and snagging.

If you have any further questions on caring for your Bydee pieces, please click here and our Customer Service Queens will assist you!

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