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What is the Bydee Babes Club?

From us to you - Earn points to redeem on purchases across our site and get Bydee Babes Club member-only offers, rewards and exclusive first access to launches, sales and events. It’s the rewards program that treats you every time you treat yourself!

Who can join?

Everyone is invited to the Bydee Babes Club! Simply create an account here and start earning points. It’s free to join!

What are the benefits?

As a Bydee Babes Club member, you can enjoy birthday vouchers, and receive exclusive emails detailing launches, sales with events and more!. Unlock new levels of the club as you move through the rewards program. See the rewards for each tier below:.

How do I update my details?

To update your details, just head to “my account”, and you can update from there!. For your birthday, you can also add this on the Rewards page.

Why has my birthday disappeared from my account?

The Bydee Babes Club rewards program has had an upgrade! Please head to the rewards page to enter your birthday into the new program. If this has resulted in you missing your birthday reward, please reach out to our customer service queens here and t

How do I write a review?

To earn 10 points by writing a review, please visit the product page for your latest order and click on the 'Write a Review' button. Please note only one review per email address, on any one product will be eligible for points.